Creation of a team (high school or adult division) for those not associated with a club.

Register through the main tournament registration link.  Create a new team in GotSoccer during registration.  After the team has been registered, the team will be accepted by the tournament director.  After being accepted, you may claim players from the guest player pool if they have a current club card.  Players that are registered with the temporary player pass option can just be written onto the roster.  Players that don't already have current players cards or aren't registered with temporary player passes CANNOT be rostered.  Adult teams register as Boys open or Girls open divisions.  Coed adult teams register as Boys open.  High school or adult teams are $150 to register in addition to temporary player pass fees ($15/player).

Have your players register for a temporary player pass ($15).  After they are registered, they login to their player account on GotSoccer and then register as a guest player by searching for the event either by name--2019 K2 Technologies Clash at the Camplex or February 2019 Wyoming events in their gotsoccer account.  They can then be claimed by their team to be added to the roster.  Bring copies of the roster to check-in.  These temporary players will not have player cards for the tournament.