2018 Fall Season Registration

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Fall Evaluations @ Bicentennial Park

u8-10 (birth years 2009-2012)--Monday, June 18 @ 5:15pm

u12 (2007-2008)--Wednesday, June 20 @ 5:15pm

u14-15 (2004-2006)--Monday, June 25 @ 5:15pm

High School evals will be at a later date!

Please contact the coaching advisor, Denise Nannemann, if you are unable to make evals.

--Evaluations are the initial process for the coaches to determine teams.  Final teams typically won't be set until several practices have been completed. 

2018-2019 Fees

Full Year Fees

--$250 for u8-u14 

--$125 for u15 & older

Fall Only Fees

--$125 for u8-u14

Spring Only Fees

--$175 for u8-u14

--$25 of the fee is refundable to the parent if they help at a club event  (board meeting, tourney, 3v3, etc)

--Multiplayer Discount of $20 for each additional player in a family

--These fees do not include tournament fees or uniforms

--Scholarships are available to help cover registration and tourney fees--contact the registrar or treasurer for info!


Why is u15 & older half the cost for the year?

--Most of the players can only play half the year due to not being permitted to play club soccer during high school season.

How much are tourney fees?

--Depends, many of the tourneys are covered via a fundraiser raffle.  However some teams go to extra tournaments that aren't covered and these can range from $25-75 per player per tournament.

How much are uniforms?

--Current uniform kit is around $92.  This includes custom home & away jersey, custom shorts, and 2 pairs of game socks.

Can my child play on an older team?

--If you'd like your child to be evaluated to "play up", they must attend the evaluation for both their correct age group and for the age group older.

Please contact our registrar, Kristina Roswadovski, at 307-660-6725  or if you need any assistance.  Thank you!


Uniforms (Competitive)


Please contact Kerri DeWine or Mayra Martinez with any questions about uniforms.


Equipment Managers -

Kerri DeWine     307-660-9037

    Mayra Martinez   307-299-5486