The Club

The Gillette Soccer Club is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to the growth and development of competitive soccer players to participate in the highest level of soccer competition consistent with the governing bodies of the Federation International de Football Association ( FIFA ), United States Soccer Federation ( USSF ), United States Youth Soccer Association ( USYSA ), and Wyoming Youth Soccer( WYS ) ; providing an opportunity for the advancement of soccer players who desire to pursue serious, competitive soccer. Our dedication is focused to provide and teach coaches and players sportsmanship, respect for each other and officials, the enjoyment of soccer and other club activities.


The Gillette Soccer Club Board of Directors meets monthly on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 PM. Our meetings are normally at the Campbell County Park and Recreation Center. All members of the Gillette Soccer Club are invited to attend. Come to the meetings and be involved with your soccer club!

Meeting minutes will be posted here after they are approved.


Download Club Bylaws (May 29, 2013)
Download Club Rules and Policies (May 29, 2013)

Club Contacts

Club                                                      Gillette Soccer Club                                      

                                                                 P.O. Box 3482

         Gillette,Wy 82717-3482


President                                            Russ Hallcroft                                                  307-299-8671


Vice President                                    Brian Hokanson                                              307-660-9137



Treasurer                                             Kim Hatzenbihler                                           307-686-1184(home)



Secretary                                             Maggie Lockwood                                           307-686-4001



Registrar                                               Kristina Roswadovski                                    307-660-6725



Equipment Manager                         Linda Horsley                                                   307-257-9965



Game Scheduler                                 Tony Wyllie                                                       307-689-3571



Referee Coordinator                         Vacant                                                                 000-000-0000



Public Relations                                Audra Stumbaugh                                             307-670-2181



Director of Coaching                       Lyle Foster                                                           307-660-7407